Things May Be Falling into Place

Guys. I think things are looking up for me. During my first two years of college, life truly wasn’t going in the direction I had always imagined for it to go. I was confused, bored, and lonely. I developed health problems. I was creatively deprived. I faced my first bout of depression. I was bitter that the people around me had their lives figured out and that they had so many like-minded people around them.

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Man with Face Buried in Hands [Digital Image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Now, in my third year of college, I am no longer desperate to change schools. I have picked a major that could help me get into the film industry if I so desire, and also have a minor that could help me if I decide to go to grad school for Speech Pathology. I don’t have a million friends, but the ones I do have are good. Obviously, things aren’t completely perfect; I am still crushed when I am rejected from a certain organization or position. I am not suddenly cured of my health problems. And I still suck at studying. But the simple fact that I am no longer constantly worrying about what I will be doing with my life has really changed my mindset.

I wish I had some advise or words of wisdom about how I cleared the gray clouds from my head. But I don’t. There isn’t a specific incident or turning point that brought me back. Maybe we just have to go through a rough patch before things can get better. While we’re in that place, it seems as though things may be that way forever. We may feel like failures. Life is unfair that way. But I would like to be optimistic by saying that, somewhere along the way, things start to look up. We just have to brave the storm, first.

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