Thank you.

What a difference a year can make. In the beginning of 2018, I was a confused, depressed girl who felt like she was failing at life. Dramatic, I know, but that’s honestly how I had felt at the time. Now, I am in a much better mental state. Not only have I become more proactive about dealing with my problems, but I think God has decided to cut me some slack, so shout out to the big guy for helping me out. This is probably the mushiest post I’m ever going to make, but I have some thanks to give for making my fall 2018 semester a redeemable experience.

First, I would like to say thank you to my friends in general, both old and new. If we hung out at all this past semester and you made me laugh or smile, I appreciate you. Additionally, I would like to name drop a few people:

I. My roommates, Rifa and Sarah, were one of the reasons that I had a decent semester. When we were planning on rooming together, Rifa hadSM_DSC04643 mentioned that her cousin Sarah may join us, and I hadn’t thought much of it (other than the fact that we’d have an additional person to split rent with). Sarah and I ended up becoming really close, and I welcomed her fun-loving attitude and ability to yap endlessly. And, accompanied by Rifa’s iconic side eye and remarks about hydrogeology, we made quite the trio. So thank you to both Rifa and Sarah for just being there and giving me company during times that I shouldn’t have been alone.


II. The third friend I would like to thank is Brianna, who’s an OG college friend and who, although I don’t see very often, has the gift of turning a five minute story into an hour-long tale. I thoroughly enjoy laughing hysterically and having drawn out conversations about our problems, girl.

III. The last person I’m going to name-drop is a new friend I made this past semester, and her name is Mac. Girl, we may have only hung out for ten  minutes at a time after our biweekly writers’ meetings but you’re dope and I love your open-minded attitude. Let’s hang out for real next semester, though.

Next, I would like to thank the opportunities that landed at my feet this semester. Well, they didn’t land at my feet so much so as I chased them relentlessly, but you get the idea.

I. I became a writer (or an assistant writer who forced her way into becoming a staff writer) and an assistant producer (or an assistant to the assistant producer, I’m still not really sure) for my school’s production company, which aligns pretty closely with my career goals and has given me a sweet taste of what my future may hold.


II. I also had the opportunity to travel to Michigan for the Students Organize for Syria National Conference, which was an awesome experience because I learned a lot, met new people and, honestly, when is traveling not a good idea? After this trip, I also participated in a charity project called Dares4Syria. Not only was this super fun, but my team and I raised over $1,500 for charity, which is pretty awesome.

III. Lastly, I would like to thank all the opportunities that I tried to avail but didn’t end up getting. So thank you to the a capella groups, plays, and musicals that I auditioned for, got callbacks for, and yet was not accepted into or cast. Why do I thank the missed opportunities, you may ask? I believe it builds character. Sure, rejection stings, but it also makes a person wiser and tougher.

Now, I would like to thank two very special people: my parents. They have supported me through my emotional breakdowns, doctors appointments, major and career path changes, and any shortcomings I may have had as a daughter and a student. Not only are they positive influences on me, but they are so kind and generous to all the people around them that I can’t help but admire them. Thank you.


Finally, I would like to thank myself. I know, that may seem egotistical, but I think it’s okay to give yourself some credit once in a while. So thank you, Afrah, for taking your life and your health into your own hands. I’m proud of you for facing your own demons and making yourself vulnerable time and time again. And, as we enter the new year, make sure you keep trying to find a balance between being productive and taking it easy.

Happy New Year, everybody.


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  1. Happy New Year 2019!
    Be positive & stay on top of things, but try having fun in the process. Life is not a race, everyone has a different timeline & different questions to answer. So smile & find your own path. The best is yet to come, iA!!!
    Love you tons 💕


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